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LOVE this product!!! We tried EVERYTHING to clear up the sore skin between the wrinkles on our new rescue pugs face. NOTHING really worked. Since I use a lot of your products for my horse with great success, I decided to give the Dog Heiro a shot. It is AMAZING!!! Within a week, she stopped itching her face and the hair started growing back around her eyes and in her wrinkles. Could NOT be happier!!! We are now getting all 5 of our senior rescues pugs on it!!! THANK YOU!!!



My dog Guinness could not get into his chair here was slowing down getting old. Well since Heiro he is a happy 12 year old running the farm again



I started my 5-year-old Staffordshire terrier on Dog Heiro because of the success I've had using the Horse version on my two horses for many many years. The Heiro research is convincing, and the online support I've gotten over the years is excellent. My dog never has any health problems! Vets are impressed.






Dog Heiro helped our hound mix with her terrible allergies which we had been unable to control with medication alone. Golden retrievers are known to have high rates of cancer, so I am giving my service dog Heiro in combination with a very low carb diet hoping to maximize his health and life. Dr. Reily has been generous with his time in offering help and advice. He is really knowledgable. DO spend some time reading the jnfo on the website!