Dog Heiro Inc.
325 Westtown Road, Suite 15
West Chester, Pennsylvania
(610) 436-5174
4.91 47 reviews
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i feel Heiro has helped my 3 dogs with some of their problems with aging. they love the taste and readily eat it up.



The Doctor was very helpful answering questions. The Dog Heiro definitely helped my older Shepard as well. Strongly recommend



This company has to be one of the most customer friendly business' I have ever done business with. I purchased Dog Heiro because my dog was having skin issues. Unfortunately due to an unrelated medical issue my dog was having, after conferring with Dr Frank, it was decided that it would be best for me to stop using the product. They immediately refunded the money for the product. I have been using another one of their products, Heave Ho, with the greatest success on my horse.

Lee A.


I have been using this product for years. My dogs coats are beautiful and it seems to give them a bit more pep. All this and the dogs love the taste too. Highly recommend



LOVE this product!!! We tried EVERYTHING to clear up the sore skin between the wrinkles on our new rescue pugs face. NOTHING really worked. Since I use a lot of your products for my horse with great success, I decided to give the Dog Heiro a shot. It is AMAZING!!! Within a week, she stopped itching her face and the hair started growing back around her eyes and in her wrinkles. Could NOT be happier!!! We are now getting all 5 of our senior rescues pugs on it!!! THANK YOU!!!